The Wellness Adventure program helps overwhelmed women in find time to prioritize their wellness and create healthy habits... so they reignite their passion without burning out.



You need to reset your compass*. When your mind-body-soul compass isn’t pointed to your true north, you will always be off course. We will identify what is important to you so you can focus your time on the things that actually matter and live in alignment with the best version of you!


You need to plan your route* and align your time with your core values. I teach you skills that work in your busy life long-term, not only during the program. We work on building time for self-care and healthy eating into your routine... so that you take care of your mind, body, and spirit every day. 


You need to fill your pack with a variety of skills you can easily pull out of your bag to decrease stress. By the end of the program, they become second nature.  You won't need someone else to guide you through the activity, you become your own best teacher!

You need to gather your provisions* to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. I share easy meals, cooking tips, and holistic supplements that support a healthy mind and body. I fully believe that "you are what you eat" and without proper nutrition, we will never feel our best. When we eat good, we feel good... and we have the energy to keep going!

*This module available for purchase individually as well as in Wellness Adventure program 



I have been in your shoes! I know what it's like to be a teacher and mental health provider and give, give, give all day. Most programs only focus on physical health. They don’t help you create daily healthy habits, manage your time, or learn tools to take care of your mind, body, and soul. I teach you how to take care of your WHOLE SELF. The best part is that by the end, you won't need me anymore... because YOU become the expert in your own health and wellness.

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