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The 3 Peaks Program helps women get back to peak nutrition and gut health in just 3 weeks! 

Stress impacts your gut, and your gut microbiome impacts your ability to deal with stress. It's a neverending cycle that results in inflammation, gas, bloating, and even IBS.


Our gut is also where 70% of immune system lives, and where serotonin and dopamine production begins. We truly are what we eat!

In the 3 Peaks Program, we will reset your gut microbiome with supplements that support the belly and brain, and easy meals that make healthy eating stress-free.

Program includes: 

  • Meal Plan for peak nutrition and blood sugar regulation

  • Amare Fundamentals and Reboot supplements to reset the gut microbiome and gut-brain axis 

  • Weekly 1-1 coaching calls over Zoom for support and accountability

  • Workbook with links to breathing tutorials and yoga classes to strengthen the nervous system

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Explore Community

Monthly membership community for "explor[hers]" to connect, support each others' self-discovery, and create deep and lasting friendships.

Mapping Your Time

Find time in your day to for yourself AND your To Do List!

Wellness Journey Online Course

Create healthy habits to take care of your mind, body, and spirit

Online Programs & Classes 

2020 has been a challenge for everyone... but especially our teens.


Missing out on social events, remote learning, studying for the SATs from a computer... on top of the "normal" challenges that come with adolescence.


This 6-week program teaches teen girls how to use science-based mindfulness techniques and yoga poses to cope with stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.


Your investment includes:

  • Weekly group call on Zoom, Mondays from 4-5pm MST from January 25 - March 8 (no call on February 15)

  • Spiral-bound journal for self-exploration and reflection

  • Access to recorded mindfulness tutorials and yoga classes

Please fill out the INTEREST FORM for more information

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