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Eating... clean and simple

If you know me even just a little bit, you know that food is my love language (specifically avocados!) I am an advocate for eating clean and healthy because I know that how we eat impacts how we feel in our mind, body, and soul. I try to eat dairy-free, gluten-free vegetarian or pescatarian meals but I don't want to be in the kitchen forever! I have too many other things I want to do that don't involve slaving over a hot stove all afternoon!

So the other day, I asked my Facebook friends for healthy, dairy-free, gluten-free vegetarian or pescatarian recipes. I had so many comments that I could barely read and organize them all. But I'll be darned if I didn't try!

To get everything in one place, I decided to put all of the links and comments here. I knew this would be the only way I wouldn't lose everything. I hope you find a few new things to add to your repertoire (how the heck do you spell that anyway?!) Now... gotta get into the kitchen...

Recipe ideas:

  • Simple salmon picatta- bake in foil with olive oil, lemon, capers, salt, and pepper and serve over rice or pasta. (Note: I would likely serve with broccoli, asparagus, or a salad instead of the grain to make this Ayurvedic friendly!)

  • Trout Provencale- I found a recipe HERE that sounds easy and delicious

  • Seafood Paella- I have to admit that I am intimidated by mussels and squid so I probably wouldn't make this... but if you find shellfish simple and easy, this recipe from Epicurious looks good

  • Brussel sprout gnocchi- The recipe that was sent to me wouldn't open because I don't have a NY Times membership, but I found this one that sounds amazing too!

  • Yogi Carrot Salad- Shred carrots. Add pecan halves and raisins. Squeeze on lemon juice. Shake on Curry powder. Toss and enjoy. Add Tahini if you choose. (Note: I love when people give me recipes with no measurements!)

  • Gypsy Soup- I can't wait to try this when it gets cold again

Website or cookbook suggestions:

I would love to hear if you tried these recipes and what you think. And if you want more clean eating ideas, get my FREE Clean Eating Guide complete with shopping list to help you save time on your next trip to the store!

Happy cooking friends!

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