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I'm a bad ally

I have to admit that the past few days have been uncomfortable. I have not paid much attention to my privilege until recently, and admitting that on here is a bit embarassing. But with the death of George Floyd, the riots across the country, and the posts I've been reading on social media, it is hard to ignore my ignorance any longer.

Many of us are in a place where we want to do the internal work to get better, be more educated, and be part of the solution. But we also aren't sure where to start. This is what I am trying to remember... starting somewhere is better than not starting at all. And this is going to be a long process to create systemic change, so make sure you take care of yourself, drink some water, and don't get burnt out.

I have made a commitment to do one things per month to learn and act, and below are images of ways to do that. If you would like to join me in this, I would love to support one another as we move forward. Feel free to share additional resources with me and I will continue to grow this list.

Thank you all for showing up to do the hard work.

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