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Does this sound familiar?

  • You've spent the past few weeks taking care of everyone else and not nourishing yourself.

  • Your "To do" list is a mile long because you continue to say "yes" to more things.

  • You keep thinking, "If only I had more time..." and you're run down, stressed out, and fed up.


Seriously, I have been there too, running around like a crazy lady, not knowing if I was coming or going! It took a while but I finally learned how to put on my own oxygen mask first. 


Now I'm on a mission to help you decrease your stress by teaching you tricks to create a more Mindful, Active, and Present life. It is time to prioritize yourself for a change, and I would love to show you how!

Not only do I believe that using mindfulness, physical activity, and mental presence are the best ways to manage stress and anxiety, I have the science to back it up! Most of us know we should be doing things to care for ourselves, but the hardest part is FINDING TIME to make our own needs a priority.


I have created programs to help you understand your nervous system, learn ways to work with it, and build a time management system that works for you not just during the program, but for the long-haul!


Gone are the days of running on the hamster wheel. It's time to JUMP OFF and create a self-care plan that works for your life. Are you ready?

It is time to gain the skills, knowledge, and power to be the best version of YOU.

I would love to partner with you to create a more Mindful, Active, Present world.

Reach out to find out how we can work together!

Tel: 303-819-2918

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