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Image by Tyler Nix

This Summer Solstice Retreat from June 20-23, 2024 is for anyone who is in the process of healing and is ready to let their SOUL SHINE a little brighter.

Life can be soul crushing at times... we lose loved ones, struggle with fertility, end important relationships, stand watch as family members' health declines, and survive countless other challenges that shake us to the core. While this retreat won’t change what you’ve been through, it will provide space to reconnect with yourself, reset your inner compass, and tap into what makes your SOUL SHINE!

For 4 days and 3 nights in beautiful Salida, Colorado, you'll spend time in nature with others who also have a deep yearning for growth and healing. You’ll learn a variety of practices rooted in yoga and ecotherapy to soothe your overactive nervous system and stay centered, no matter what else life throws your way. 


You will have time to slow down and listen to the rhythms of nature. Walk away with tools and friendships that sustain you no matter what the future holds.

Are you ready to let your SOUL SHINE? Find out more...

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