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If you have been around me for longer than an hour, you may have heard me start a sentence with "So I was listening to this podcast..." I have a small obsession with podcasts, and I have yet to see any evidence that it is a problem other than annoying my husband. (Sorry babe!)

I listen to a large variety of podcasts, from entertaining to informative. My only requirement is that they need to be uplifting. I used to listen to NPR regularly, but with the state of the world these days, I needed a break from the gloom and doom. So I have compiled a list of my favorites below for your listening enjoyment if you also need a time out from the world around you. And I have included the list of suggestions I got from you guys in a recent poll on Facebook!

The BOAT (Best of All Time) in my opinion is The Moth. This podcast features real people telling stories about their lives in front of a live audience and without any notes. I love hearing about other people's triumphs and tragedies. You will laugh, you will cry, you will have your faith in humanity restored. It is a great way to connect with other humans during this time of social distancing.

Health and Wellness

mindbodygreen has an incredible list of former guests, from Deepak Chopra to Gabby Bernstein. You will learn how Justin created his now famous nut butter packs and peanut butter cups, the best way to meditate, and what foods are best for your gut. A must-listen for anyone who wants to nerd out about "the world of wellbeing".

News anchor Dan Harris had what was probably the most watched on air nervous breakdown when he had a panic-attack on Good Morning America in 2004. Ten Percent Happier is the name of his book, podcast, and app that he uses to promote meditation in a humorous and relatable way. I love it because he makes meditation accessible to everyone.


As a former school counselor and science teacher, I don't hide my love for brain science. So it probably doesn't surprise you to learn that I religiously listen to Hidden Brain from NPR. You will learn about psychology, human nature, and interpersonal relationships. It is fascinating to learn why we do the things we do.

You have probably seen at least one TED talk in your life, but did you also know that there is a TED Radio Hour? The hour-long podcast takes excerpts from different TED talks and then interviews the speakers to get a different, behind-the-scenes perspective on the original topic.

For Kids

Based on the book by the same name, Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls is my daughter's favorite. She says that "it inspires me to change the world and inspire other young women." I mean... who can argue with that?! Each episode features an influential female narrator who tells the story about another famous female figure such as Harriet Tubman or Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Brains On! is a great science podcast that teaches kids about topics like weather, sea creatures, and why we get dust bunnies. I love anything that gets kids excited about science!

From Facebook Responses

Here are the poscasts the you guys said you loved! I can't wait to check them out.

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