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What if...

... you felt more calm and centered?

... you could quiet your spiraling thoughts?

... you had time for yourself every day?

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Hey friend!


Welcome to the Inner MAP Project, I’m Jamie and I help nature-loving women just like you find time to take care of yourself and decrease anxiety and chronic stressso you feel more joyful and centered.


Back 2017, I was overwhelmed, stressed, and burned out. When I had 2 miscarriages back-to-back, I knew I needed to do something to heal my body and soul, and process my grief. ​I starting using somatic, body-based practices to come home to myself... and now I share my learnings with other women who struggle with anxiety, have experienced trauma, or are chronically stressed and burned out. 

I get it...


You know what you need to do to manage your emotions… but you have work, family, and life obligations that take priority.


It's time to put yourself first and support your own wellness!

You don’t have time to complete your To Do list and also quiet your spiraling thoughts. Most days you’re just going through the motions and the anxiety is overwhelming. You are ready to try something new.


It's time to prioritize yourself... and my programs help you do just that!

I can help!


I’ve been there… when I worked in public education, I spent more time taking care of my students than I did taking care of myself. I know what it’s like to stuff my emotions away and never take time to process.

I walk beside you and help you build somatic practices into your daily life.

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I have learned so many new tools, recipes, and strategies for personal and inner success. Jamie is down to earth and truly has a well rounded approach.


Jamie not only makes you feel comfortable sharing and ultimately letting go of what’s pent up inside – she attracts a community that supports that too and reminds you of what it’s like to truly connect.


I'm so happy to have started this  journey led by my badass mountain biking buddy who is taking wellness coaching to a whole new level!

Wellness Offerings

Think of this like having a personal sherpa, only instead

of schlepping your gear up Everest, I guide you to a more

Mindful, Active, Present life.

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