Reconnect with nature.

Rediscover yourself.


What if...

... you had time for yourself every day?

... you never missed life's best adventures?

... you felt connected to your true nature?

Download my FREE "Burn Bright" Guide and learn how to create healthy habits, find time for yourself, and decrease overwhelm… so you can reignite your spark for life without burning out!

Hey friend!


Welcome to the Inner MAP Project, I’m Jamie and I help nature-loving women just like you find time to take care of yourself and reignite your passion… so you can explore the world without burning out. 


Back 2017, I was overwhelmed and had lost my spark for working in the schools. I was burnt out from constantly taking care of my students and family... everyone but myself. I was over-committed and OVER IT. ​I learned how to put myself first & find time for self-care, and I rediscovered my passion for exploring the world! 

I get it...


You want to make the world a better place… and also have energy left to go for a run, enjoy your family, or cook a healthy meal.


But hustling all day is emotionally draining and physically exhausting.


You don’t have time to complete your To Do list and also fill your own bucket. Most days you’re just going through the motions and the stress is overwhelming. You have lost your zest for life and you are ready for a new adventure.


It's time to reignite your passion... and our programs will do just that!

I can help!


I’ve been there… when I worked in public education, I spent more time taking care of my students than I did taking care of myself. I know what it’s like to give from an empty bucket.

We work together to figure out what is missing from your "wellness backpack" and then find time in your busy day for self-care.

Take the next step on your journey...

Schedule a FREE Discovery Call!


I have learned so many new tools, recipes, and strategies for personal and inner success. Jamie is down to earth and truly has a well rounded approach.


Jamie not only makes you feel comfortable sharing and ultimately letting go of what’s pent up inside – she attracts a community that supports that too and reminds you of what it’s like to truly connect.


I'm so happy to have started this 10-week journey led by my badass mountain biking buddy who is taking wellness coaching to a whole new level!

Wellness Offerings

Think of this like having a personal sherpa, only instead

of schlepping your gear up Everest, I guide you to a more

Mindful, Active, Present life.

Wellness Tips


Ready to learn how small

changes can have a BIG impact? Check out my blog to learn all of my healthy living secrets!

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