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Reconnect with nature.
Rediscover yourself.

What if...
... you felt more calm and centered during life's challenging moments?
... you knew the next steps on your healing journey?
... you had time away to heal and reset?

Download my FREE "At Home Retreat" Guide and take the first step on your path to healing and connection.

Hey friend!


Welcome to the Inner MAP Project, I’m Jamie and I lead nature and yoga retreats for people who have experienced challenging life events so they can take time to heal and resetallowing them to feel more centered during times of change and transition. If you are moving through grief, going through a divorce, caring for sick or aging loved ones, or processing other hard times, I've got your back!


When I had 2 miscarriages back-to-back in 2017, I knew I needed to do something to heal my body and process my grief. ​I starting using somatic practices like movement, breathwork, and time in nature to come home to myself and heal my soul. Now I share my learnings with others on retreats in beautiful natural surroundings. 

I get it...


You know what you need to do to take care of yourself and move through your emotions… but you have other obligations that take priority.


It's time to RETREAT for a few days so you can put yourself first!

You barely have time to complete your To Do list, much less process the emotions that come with big life changes. Most days you’re just going through the motions and the overwhelm is... overwhelming!  


Prioritize yourself with a "time out"... book a Nature and Yoga Retreat!

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I can help!


I’ve been there… as a mom, educator, wife, and friend, I spend more time taking care of others than I do taking care of myself. I know what it’s like to stuff my feelings away and never take time to process.

Our Nature & Yoga Retreats are the perfect way to reset your inner compass and soothe your overactive nervous system.

Take the next step on your journey...

Explore upcoming adventures


I have learned so many new tools and strategies for personal and inner success. Jamie is down to earth and truly has a well rounded approach.


Jamie not only makes you feel comfortable sharing and ultimately letting go of what’s pent up inside – she attracts a community that supports that too and reminds you of what it’s like to truly connect.


I'm so happy to have started this  journey led by my badass mountain biking buddy who is taking wellness coaching to a whole new level!

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