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This 7-week virtual course will teach you how to connect with your intuition and balance your internal ecosystem... so you feel more energized, balanced, and connected to yourself.



Each week, we discuss a new chakra and work our way up the spine from the root to the crown. You will learn practices to balance your energy and bring your nervous system back to equilibrium.


You will become connected to your own intuition so you can quickly test which area of your body (and life!) is off-kilter and move the energy through your body more effectively.

You will understand the science behind the woo-woo so you can embody your natural ability to de-stress and come back to balance after a long day.


  • Weekly group Zoom call on Tuesdays from 6-7pm MST (will be recorded for those who can't attend the live call) to practice and learn from each other

  • Personalized Chakra Reading so you know which chakras need some TLC during the program

  • Workbook with weekly journal questions and chakra information so you can revisit the information long after the program has ended

Next session begins on Tuesday April 13, 2021! Click the button below to join!

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